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Stargate 2011 DVD
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Stargate 2011 DVD

Price: $30.00
Weight: 1.00 kg
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Be prepared to cross the event horizon again with The Hub Productions as they present the Stargate 2011 Event DVD. This 3 DVD set includes all of your favourite Stargate guests that have appeared for the Hub Productions in Australia over the past year including:

  • Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett)
  • Kavan Smith (Major Evan Lorne)
  • Cliff Simon (Ba'al)
  • Torri Higginson ( Dr. Elizabeth Weir)
  • Christopher Heyerdahl (Halling/Todd the Wraith)
  • Ryan Robbins (Ladon Radim) and
  • Ben Browder (Col. Cameron Mitchell)

With over 12 hours of footage on offer, you should get ready to lock that final chevron for Stargate 2011!

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