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With the release of the AHBL V DVD set, you can now purchase the full set of Hub Supernatural event DVDs (consisting of AHBL, AHBL II, AHBL III, AHBL IV & AHBL V) for the special price of only $175!

In April 2009, The Hub Productions did was thought to be the impossible in Australia. For one weekend only, over 1000 fans flocked to the University of New South Wales to attend 'Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose.'

This extremely rare convention experience featured stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki together for the first time in Australian convention history. The boys were joined by Season 4 star Misha Collins for an extraordinary weekend of autograph signings, photo sessions, in-depth Q&A session and more!

In a Hub Productions first, this collectors edition souvenir DVD features full coverage of this once in a lifetime event. Relive all the excitement of both days activities including:

- All 7 Q&A sessions from the weekend in their entirety.

- Full coverage of all charity auctions, which have since become YouTube hits!

- Highlights of both days including photo sessions, autograph sessions, the limited entry Platinum function, trivia and screaming competitions as well as a range of coverage from the convention floor.

- An exclusive interview with Jensen, Jared & Misha.

- Fan testimonials

- and more!

Don't miss this chance to re-live this unique convention experience, or experience it for the first time if you missed out! DVD proudly presented by The Hub Productions & Turncoat Studios.

After the hugely successful ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ event and DVD in 2009, The Hub Productions and Turncoat Studios are proud to bring you the next big ‘Supernatural’ project: ‘All Hell Breaks Loose II’

Featuring over 8 hours of footage shot over the two day event in May 2010, this Two Disc DVD set includes full Q&A’s from both days, as well as in-depth highlight reels that feature the guests spending time with the fans. Shot in Sydney and Melbourne, this DVD set features an amazing line-up of guests including:

Jim Beaver

Misha Collins

Samantha Ferris

Julie McNiven


Rob Benedict

This DVD set captures all of the fantastic things that went on during the event including: Jim Beaver’s custom made T-shirt, Misha Collins taking a phone call from a fan, Samantha Ferris waving an imaginary shotgun around, Julie McNiven’s desire to be a superhero, and Rob Benedict considering holding auditions for his band in the back of an Impala. ‘All Hell Breaks Loose II’ is filled with moments like these and is perfect for the shelf of any ‘Supernatural’ fan.

Disc Contents

Disc 1 - Sydney

Samantha Ferris Q&A

Rob Benedict & Julie McNiven Q&A

Misha Collins Q&A

Jim Beaver Q&A

Highlight Reel

Disc 2 - Melbourne

Samantha Ferris Q&A

Rob Benedict & Julie McNiven Q&A

Misha Collins Q&A

Jim Beaver Q&A

Highlight Reel

The Hub Productions once again binds the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory to Earth to bring you 'All Hell Breaks Loose III'. With an amazing lineup of stars from the show to see:

Traci Dinwiddie
Corin Nemec
Richard Speight Jr
Misha Collins
Jim Beaver

The Hub Productions once again brings the forces of Heaven and Hell to Earth with “All Hell Breaks Loose IV” Featuring fan-favourite characters, and the Kings of Heaven and Hell themselves, we have hours or Q&A’s from:

Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurely)
Sebastian Roche (Balthazar)
Matt Cohen (John Winchester)
Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel)
Mark Sheppard (Crowley)
Misha Collins (Castiel)

The Hub Productions once again brings you the forces of Heaven and Hell to Earth with All Hell Breaks Loose V!

This souvenir DVD features hours of Q&As with fan favourite characters:

Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell)
Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Campbell)
Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester)
Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel)
Mark Sheppard (Crowley)
Misha Collins (Castiel).

With both days, and hours of entertainment, remember to salt your doors when preparing to watch The Hub Productions "All Hell Breaks Loose V" souvenir DVD!

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